Headquartered in Riverside California R & M Print Solutions appears like an ordinary print shop delivering a quality product to a happy customer base.

Behind the scenes you see two unique individuals doing what they do best each hardly noticing the other going about daily tasksto get the days product out the door and delivered on time to the so many dedicated customers that keep the doors open abill paid. Hard work and Dedication are the base of development with a broadband of resources, countless hours of research, development and testing has begun to pay off.

With over forty-five years of experience R & M print solutions has the ability and resources to deliver a superior product at an affordable cost.

Experience can not be purchased its priceless obtained only from hard work and dedication.

Nearly fresh from collage I walked into my first print shop in 1986 wings spread wide a full head of knowledge ready to concur the world. I was installing my first ever high-speed printer. My ego ready to burst at the seams. Bumps and bruises came quickly bringing me my ego into a reality check. I realized a degree only gets a person halfway across the street. Either go back or suck it up and move forward. I moved forward learning a valuable lesson I will never forget.

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